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"My simple business principle is to never recommend anything to any client that I wouldn’t do for my family!”

This is Annurag in a nutshell. He walks the talk and I have never had the pleasure of working with someone who is so dedicated, focused and works with his clients as if they are his close family. He has a never-say-die attitude and has yet to let us down any in business dealing we’ve had. Annurag won’t promise the moon, but be rest assured, he will go above and beyond your expectations; it’s just the way he works. Execution is fantastic and his network is excellent. He will always be by your side and the service he provides as a realtor is the complete package; he will work with you throughout the process, from beginning to end, whether you’re buying or selling, to ensure your goal with that property is achieved. In short, he is a thorough professional who knows what he is doing.

Annurag is a phone call or message away and will always try to make time for you, even if it’s to discuss something small. He makes you feel secure if you are having doubts about anything and always has a positive smile on his face even if things are not exactly going to plan. Despite that, in the end, he has always come through for us, with more than we expected, all things considered. 

We were introduced to Annurag via a family friend and he came to us highly recommended. It is the first time for me where someone has exceeded the expectations of that recommendation, which in itself, was extremely enthusiastic. There is no more higher recommendation I can give apart from saying, Annurag is family, and family don't let each other down. 

Yousuf Ismail-  Sold 2 and bought 2 properties 


Annurag was instrumental in selling our house. He has an excellent strategy and amazing execution. Both things needed to sell the house in turbulent market conditions.

Right from the first step, Annurag and his team got the house set up on time and the listing was up as per the plan. Annurag advised on the list price and re-adjustment of list price when things did not work as per plan.  His strategy was on- target and produced the desired results. We got the required showings and these showings resulted in offer.

Annurag is a strong negotiator and even though buyer offered a low price offer, he successfully negotiated to a price that was very close to the asking price.

Perseverance: At one point the deal did not happen due to buyers last minute negotiations but Annurag never lost the focus or the purpose. He again convinced the buying agent to get us the original price.

Availability: He is available all time even though he is very busy. Busy realtor is a good realtor. Annurag makes himself available and answers all your questions in timely manner.

Providing right contacts at right time: we were closing the house during holiday period and having difficulty finding a lawyer. Annurag provided us an excellent lawyer who helped us to save 5k with the lending bank. He also offered help to buyer’s agent to find the lawyer so that the closing goes smoothly.

End to end execution: He made sure we get the fair price and the money reached our bank account.

We were glad that Annurag was representing us in this deal. Without a doubt I would refer him to you and my family and friends.

-Siddharth & Swati Akude- Sold in Mississauga


I and my wife met Annurag in early January and we were very impressed with his professionalism and in-
depth knowledge of real estate market. I am a very data driven person and I was amazed by Annurag’s
sophistication and data driven decision making. (Which frankly we did not see in many of the other
realtors we were talking to).

We also knew another broker who works on real estate on part time basis but to be honest I soon
realized that working with a part time broker will only give us part time results. We quickly decided to
partner up with Annurag on our real estate journey and he was able to grasp our requirements and
showed us properties that matched our taste and financial expectations.

Annurag is extremely strong in his negotiation skills and he took the bull by the horn and got us our preferred property at the price we were willing to pay. There is a big difference between knowledge and wisdom and Annurag showcased
both throughout our real estate journey. Annurag’s interior designing background is a huge plus.
Moment Annurag steps into a property, he is able to look at the amenities and finishes and determine
the “Fair Market Value” of the house which is an absolutely advantage to have in this highly competitive
real estate market.

Another point I would like to mention is the speedy mortgage approval process. Annurag leveraged his
solid connections and got us the mortgage approval at a highly competitive interest rate within 2 days of
submitting our offer. I just could not believe it but with Annurag, the mortgage process was a breeze!
He really turned out to be a one stop shop for us.

To sum it up, if you are looking for someone who has the vision, skills, real estate connections (trust me
this is important) and wisdom to help you become financially free, Annurag is the "Real Estate Wealth Manager" you
need. Many more properties to come with Annurag!

Jai and Parul, bought thier first house in Mississauga


Super impressed with Annurag’s exceptional service! He was so knowledgeable, friendly, and approachable. He answered all questions I had promptly and effectively. I rate Annurag Chawla as an amazing agent and even a more amazing person. We decided buy our first home in late 2019 that was never an easy situation for any of us to deal with but Annurag went well above and beyond to make it as seamless as possible.

Annurag helped us with different options. From finding a perfect house to renovations, closing and so on. Annurag made the whole process super easy. I would say Annurag is a one window solution for any of your real estate needs. His knowledge proved to be extremely valuable and definitely time saving.

Throughout the process, Annurag was there every step of the way. He went out of his way to make himself available for anything that came up.

Koodos! to Annurag for all of your hard work. It is always amazing to find someone that is so good at what they do and is so passionate about it at the same time. The only thing more impressive than that is to find someone who does it with such a high level of honesty and integrity

Last but not least anyone interested to buy/sale property trust me you can’t go wrong with Annurag!

Ashraf Khan bought first house in Mississauga


I am now a proud owner of my first house in Canada and I don't believe I was so confused just a few weeks back on how to go about with it. Anurag has not only been a realtor to me but also my supporter, motivator and a go-to person for all the first-time home owner questions that one might possibly have.

Currently, the GTA home market is fiercely competitive and one can easily get bamboozled in the bidding wars and price increases, but Anurag made my journey so smooth that I sometimes still not believe that we successfully managed to get our hands on a great property and within a span of 1 week since our first visit to the house.

I have first handedly experienced Anurag's negotiating and offer management skills. He also helped me immensely with my communication with the lender and got an approval within 1-2 days. That is something unheard of. Anurag now is much more than my realtor to me, now a fiend, confidante, and family.

Lastly, the passion that Anurag has towards his profession is highly commendable and along with it is his expertise in market knowledge, research skills and on-time market happenings. Thank you so much Anurag for everything and look forward to work with you for many more years to come- Tushar B - First Time Buyer Bought in Mississauga


When we thought about selling our home and the all important decision of finding the right person to help us navigate this important step we thought about a lot of different people. The agents we knew, friends and relatives and their suggestions, the agents plastered around the advertisement boards, etc.

I would be happy to take credit for choosing a good agent for us but in our case we didn't find the good agent, the good agent, Annurag found us. Annurag convinced us that he was the man for the job and in the next few weeks rose up to fulfill all the promises he had made us.

Before we hired Annurag we were confused and unfocused about the whole process of selling and buying but once he took over, he chalked out a step by step plan of making our house ready for sale and in the process getting our expectations in line with the realities of the current market.

All his advice and suggestions were based on facts, experiences and market trends.

We are exceptionally glad to have chosen Annurag to help us. His professionalism, attention to detail (in everything from having shiny floors to the perfect house pictures) and his calm and confidence in the face of tough decisions helped us navigate this all important step with utmost ease.

Thank you Annurag! Tanveer Ahmed & Shazia Ayub- Sold & Bought in Mississauga


The sale of my house was always going to be challenging however after a lot of hard work and perseverance Annurag was successful in bringing multiple offers to the table. Working with a likeminded professional is always a good thing which helped alleviate a lot of the stress of the situation. Annurag also gave us constructive advice on how best to represent our home and helped managing expectations from all parties. I would recommend Annurag to anybody in my family and would use him to sell a future property- Mandeep Singh & Sahib Kaur- Sold in Brampton


We met you last year and you gathered some information from us. A couple of weeks later we met again and you got more information about our requirements for buying our new home. You created a trust bridge and confidence between us. As a realtor with long experience with the market, you analysed our requirements, e.g. best price, location, community etc., and guided us in a step by step process from finding the right mortgage agent and getting a MILLION DOLLAR new home in Brampton till we moved in. Last but not the least, based on your good relationships you also helped us finding lighting, flooring and blinds contractors in a reasonable price to complete our jobs.

During this journey we found you are a straightforward, honest, trustworthy and well experienced realtor. We are very happy with you for all your help.

My family and I will strongly recommend you and your service to my friends and community people for buying and selling homes.


We wish you all the best.

Best regards,

Bijay and Rasmita Mahakhud - Bought in Brampton


Anurag was very diligent with helping us purchase our new home. I was a little worried about how I was going to be able to manage moving from home to home but Anurag’s positive attitude and willingness to help us out was all the reassurance I needed. His professionalism and connections that he made with me and my family is one connection I will remember as I step in to my next home. Anurag has put in many hours showing and sending us different homes to fit our budget, giving us tips on how to manage our next home and even helping us out with our mortgage.

All in all, Anurag is a well-rounded agent that has helped us worry a little less when finding a forever home. Thank you Anurag for your amazing personality and service as you were a great help to us!  Your hard work, enthusiasm, experience  is remarkable, wishing you on your going success in your career . Your dedication, building trust  and business skills will connect us together in future. You  reached our expectation above and beyond. I definitely recommend you to anyone for their lifetime investment.

Mustafiz Khan & Ambia Ali- Sold in Mississauga & Bought in Brampton


I would like to say the first time I met Annurag at an open house I was pleased. He has great customer service skills and knew we would like to have him sell my house. All expectations were met from professionalism to integrity. With all the messages and phone calls made he was very polite and answered all my questions. All the hard work he put in was amazing and showed. He negotiated a very reasonable price for the final sale of the house. We would look forward to working with him again in the future.

Thank You- Richard & Samantha Gehres- Sold in Mississauga


First of all, I would like to thank you and express my gratitude for finding us our perfect home. As a first time buyer we completely did not know what to do, what were the steps to take to get to our new home. When I started looking for an agent, I fortunately met you from one of the open house and that is how our relation started. You helped me by providing guidance to get bank approvals and in fact, provided mortgage specialist contact and guided through the entire process to get final approval. I love the way you work, specifically your follow ups, regular calls and meetings etc. You are magnanimous and one of the best agent, I have ever met and definitely went beyond my expectations. Knowing how the hot prices are in the Brampton, you helped us to get through the offer within the budget. We would love to recommend you to our friends and family members and looking forward to work with you in the future.

M Rao & Vijaya – Bought in Brampton



As a new immigrant and first time home buyer, you need a realtor to guide you through every step of the way, from property selection, financing and closing. It is of utmost importance to have a reliable and trustworthy Realtor by your side who understands the need of new buyers like me. I'm grateful to have found Annurag to facilitate the purchase of my condo townhouse in Mississauga - East Credit area. 


Annurag displayed all the traits of a an accomplished Realtor - he had the right knowledge of the local housing market, superior negotiation skills, honesty, integrity and commitment. I had been looking for a Condo townhouse in my price range but couldn't find anything in Mississauga. A lot of my friends who were also searching for something similar had to finally buy in Brampton, Milton or Georgetown - because they couldn't find in their budget. I give the entire credit of this deal to Annurag - had it not been for his skills, this deal wouldn't have happened. 


All throughout the process, even after the purchase, he stayed on top of everything to ensure the closing happens smoothly. I'd ardently recommend Annurag for honest and reliable dealings for all your real estate sale/purchase needs. 

Annurag - Thanks a ton for everything!! – Ankit V Kumar – Bought in Mississauga



Thanks for the guidance and service to get our new dream home. We were fortunate to work with you, I always knew you were talented but when we worked together I clearly see your strength, potential and ability to deliver, there are many things which we really liked, but some of them are listed below



Selling House: -


Ø  Helped us to estimate the price of the our house for sale,

Ø  Guided to upgrade the house in certain area (paint, small repair)

Ø  Staged the house very nicely

Ø  Advertised on Sinha radio, newspapers, website, nice visual cards and virtual tour

Ø  Sold the house in 4 days with only 2 days open house

Ø  Earned more than the market price and saved almost 22 K




Buying House: -


Ø  You have helped to give us right advise when we were in puzzle for the budget to buy the house

Ø  Directed on the right path for the area and community which we want to be.

Ø  Numerous houses we have visited to see and give us the right details information about the house, which helped a lot to understand in detail

Ø  Helped us to choose the right area for the kids’ school

Ø  Helped us to get the right size house

Ø  Helped us to get the house in our estimated budget


Thanks for your efforts and dedication during selling and buying the property

I will work with you in future for my new properties and I will recommend to my friends and colleagues to buy or sale the property with you, And get the excellent professional service from you


-Prashant & Chetna Patil- Sold & Bought in Brampton



We are writing this email to express our heartfelt thanks to you for your sincere professional advice and help in buying our house.


You were so patient and guided us to make the right decision. As a matter of fact we had told you to go for a higher amount during our offer and were pleasantly surprised that you got us a lower amount in this hot market!


It’s strange that when we first met you, we were looking for a semi-detached house but you were different from all other agents we had been seeing houses with in the past as you used a different approach and focused on our needs and affordability rather than trying to sell us just any house in a hurry! You were methodical, patient and knowledgeable and helped us at every step right until we got our keys and kept in touch with us even beyond our closing date.


We will surely recommend you and your team to all our friends and relatives for any of their real estate needs! Thanks again


-Naseer & Ayesha Ahmed- Bought in Mississauga



Thank you so much for all your help, this sale couldn't have been done without your efforts. 

-Naheed Memon – Condo Sold in Mississauga



I would like to take this opportunity on behalf of Donovan, our sons and myself to say a very big thank you for your services in the selling and purchasing of our home.  Your constant encouragement in the times when we needed it the most was truly a blessing. You remained positive despite my lack thereof lol.

You are man of true integrity who loves people and strived to make one happy and of course let’s not forget your negotiating skills. You went above and beyond in the selling and purchasing of our new home at our bottom line price.

It was truly a pleasure working with you (despite my giving you a hard time) I will not hesitate to refer you to my friends and family. You are #1 and in the true Donovan style :Big Up Yourself” Blessings

- Donna & Donovan Palmer- Sold in Mississauga and bought in Brampton



We met Annurag through a common friend and we immediately felt comfortable with his friendly nature and in-depth knowledge about Mississauga market. We were working with another agent earlier who was unable to understand our needs and was just wasting our time. Annurag took time to understand our requirements and showed us only those houses that matched our requirements and budget. We found him to be straightforward and trustworthy. During the multiple offer situation he negotiated strongly and got us the house $30,000 below what we told him we were ready to pay for! Annurag even helped us with some renovations even after we moved in and has always kept in touch with us. We have referred few of our colleagues and friends to him and they are also very satisfied with his professionalism and honest advice.


-Mohit & Aashima Pal- Bought in Mississauga


My wife and I met Annurag at my in laws. Annurag provided brilliant service guiding us through the sale and the purchase of our home. He is honest, knowledgeable, up-to-date with market information – which we needed and it was helpful for us to make the right decision. He knew when to help us out with his personal opinions and experience. Annurag and his team helped us to sell our house in a relevant and well defined timeframe.

He was also very open and frank in providing his opinion on any particular property. We look forward to work with Annurag in future! We would highly and unreservedly recommend Annurag to anyone who is looking for a house in the GTA. Thank you Annurag.

Elvin & Kristina Sunasese – Sold in Brampton & Bought in Milton


I really appreciate all your help, support and information provided. I also acknowledge that you have done a tremendous job in our both transactions (Sale & Purchase). Once again thank you very much for your extraordinary professional services and sincere advice every time.

Warm regards

Rehan & Samia Siddiqui – Sold in Mississauga & Bought in Milton


In this tough real estate market we needed an excellent realtor to help us sell our property. We made the right decision in choosing Annurag & his team as our listing agent. They demonstrated in a professional manner the selling process of our house from the first meeting, staging of our house, booking showings, up to the offer negotiation. We are completely satisfied with Annurag Chawla who helped put the SOLD sign in front of our house at 100% of our asking price. He remained positive and encouraged us to trust him. He has kept our best interest I mind. What makes him stand out from other real estate agents is his professionalism, high integrity and excellent work ethics. A big thank you  to you Annurag and his team. We will not hesitate to recommend you to family and friends.

– Hubert & Josie Tolentino- Sold in Brampton


It was a pleasure working with you as a realtor. We wanted to thank you for finishing this deal. Despite representing as dual agent. We felt you exposed utmost professionalism in pricing home, negotiations. We like your commitment an accountability throughout this deal, you represented your enterprise well, explained the value of realtor, guided well with mortgage brokers and the whole process. In summation, we are very happy wit your service and look forward to possible future endeavors.

-Raja & Chitra Perumal- Bought in Mississauga


The sale of my house was always going to be challenging however after a lot of hard work and perseverance Annurag was successful in bringing multiple offers to the table. Working with a likeminded professional is always a good thing which helped alleviate a lot of the stress of the situation. Annurag also gave us constructive advice on how best to represent our home and helped managing expectations from all parties. I would recommend Annurag to anybody in my family and would use him to sell a future property- Mandeep Singh & Sahib Kaur- Sold in Brampton


From the very first time we met Annurag, The qualities that he portrayed as he spoke to us reflected his knowledge, long experience with the market, genuine empathy, straightforward advices to help us understand and connect us with the confidence and build mutual trust, not only for purchasing our very first house but in our journey to all future real estate endeavours.

He made understanding the market better as well showed us houses with interest, took our needs and situation combined them together to get our dream house. Something of everything we wanted. He never forced or pushed us to make any hasty decisions and was a good listener.

Annurag is an excellent negotiator, very professional with his work ethics and most of all trustworthy. During this time with Annurag, My family and I can confidently recommend him to anyone looking to make there first purchase or buy their million dollar home, moreover Annurag has become family to us. – Noel & Neha – Bought in Brampton



Switching homes is never easy. There are way too many hurdles involved and quite possibly, the biggest ones are selling your current home (if you own) and buying a new one. A good real estate agent can make both these processes less stressful to make life easier.

But choosing a good real estate agent is another gargantuan task in itself. Lucky for us, we had Mr. Annurag Chawla as a friend to help us out. He was just the right man for the job and we knew we could trust him to look out for our best interests. 

Annurag is the kind of salesperson who puts clients first and sales after. He will go to great lengths to establish that crucial personal relationship with his clients before he even starts talking about business. We already have had a positive experience working with Annurag in a previous investment property and this time, we sought his services to move into a better home for our family. 

I will be honest though; this time, the cards were stacked against us in a highly competitive market that made the task of selling a little challenging. Often times, potential buyers were enticed by houses that were only a few years younger than ours. 

Me and my spouse were starting to get uncomfortable as our house stood in the market for a longer than expected time. Despite regular showings, no deal was materializing. During this time, Annurag assured us to have patience and that its just a matter of time before were get a solid offer. We took his advice because we knew he was determined to sell it

And then one happened. We got an offer that we liked. Signed documents flew electronically and before you could say "SOLD", the transaction was complete. 

With a huge stress load off of us, we can now concentrate our efforts for moving day. During this whole time, we saw how determined Annurag was as he utilized all channels of communication to advertise our home, including Facebook and other real estate websites. 

In conclusion, this was another positive experience with Annurag and I'm sure there will be many more like this in the future. 

Thanks so much Annurag. 

From: The Khan family- Sold & Bought in Brampton


Dear Annurag

Thank you for helping us find the perfect 1st dream home! We are in a process of smooth move.. You not only helped us finding new home over a long period of time but you also helped us referring right mortgage agent, movers, lawyer, inspector etc.... It seems to be a complete bonus package which you have offered us out of the way.

It is highly appreciated that you stood beside us to tackle difficult sellers and made sure that our rights are protected.

We enjoyed searching for houses with you. We appreciate that you took us to so many as seeing the houses in person helped us make our decision. Also, thank you for arranging our desired closing.

We will be referring you to all of our friends because of your excellent Professional service.

Thanks again,

Kamran Akhtar and Rafia Kamran

Bought in Milton


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